Daring to Embody the Gospel

United in Jesus Christ, we value, affirm and invite diversity in our midst.

8:00 & 10:30 am. Sunday mornings (September 7 till May, 2015)
Summer Worship Times: 9 am. Sundays, May until September.


Our mantra is "Daring to Embody the Gospel". That said, if you are Asian, Black, Latino, Native American or White. If you are female, male, or transgender. If you are 3 days old or 103 years old–All Are Welcome

Water Well in Nigeria Project

water wells

We are working with Global Health Ministries in a drive (Sept. 14—Oct. 26) to provide funds to sponsor building one water well in Nigeria.

Black and White History Book Group

round barn

Join LELC for its next Black & White Book Study at November 2 at 11:45 am. At this meeting, we will discuss The Round Barns of Vernon County and explore these unusual structures, their enigmatic African-American builder, Algie Shivers, and his unique mixed race community, the Cheyenne Valley.

Why us?

  • 1 We believe that God is God and we are not (Thank God!)
  • 2 We believe that God accepts us as we are for who we are, but God never leaves us where we are
  • 3 Although we as humans often choose isolation (which leads to ignorance, indifference, injustice, and inequality), we believe that God created us to be connected as companions in community
  • 4 We believe that God comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable
  • 5 We believe that God rejects uniformity and embraces unity in diversity
  • 6 In reaction to God’s ongoing reconciling action in Jesus, we risk being Church by daring to embody the Gospel

What we believe

We are a faith community worshiping God through Word and Sacrament. Trusting in God, we embrace the challenge to move from fear to faith to action. United in Jesus Christ, we value, affirm, and invite diversity in our midst. We sow the seeds of God's mercy and love in our ever-widening community.


    Amanda McCullough

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