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Faith Formation
Sundays at 9:15-10:20 am in the Youth Room
Confirmation is a period of faith formation that follows and builds on what students already know. It is a period of preparation for becoming full, adult, voting members of the congregation. In confirmation students are encouraged and guided and given the tools to start thinking about faith as a verb, as something that is done, not just on Sunday morning at worship, or just in the church building, or just on church activities, but as a vital component of a person’s life, permeating and coloring everything they see and say and do.

Program Overview:
1 Class for All 3 Years
3 Year cycle
The Small Catechism
The early church
The reformation
Comparative religion, a short course
Outline of the scripture.
Scripture interpretation techniques.
The great arc of scripture
The Gospel of Mark
Modern Christian Life
Why, and other difficult questions.

Class Values and Desired Outcome:
Student involvement
Student dialogue
Experiential learning
Relevancy and cultural literacy

Desired Outcome:
Theological Awareness - ability to understand theology.
Scriptural Familiarity - A general knowledge of scripture and stories.
Scriptural Literacy - Ability to understand and interpret scripture.
Historical Awareness - Understanding how the church came to be in its current form, and the consequences for the future.
Understanding and respect for the faith of others.


Program Components:
Reflection Book
Current Events Blog
Class Participation
Service Work

Regular class attendance
 Regular Class participation
Sermon notes
 Regular Worship attendance
Involvement with the life of the congregation
Participation in the Current Events Blog

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