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Cristo Rey Lutheran Church in El Salvador

Cristo Rey Educational Scholarship Fund
LELC started a Cristo Rey Educational Scholarship Fund in 1999 and have enabled approximately 150 children each year to attend school.

Pastor Carlos believes the step to a better future is through education. The public educational system in El Salvador is neither mandatory nor free. Entrance to school is granted to those who can afford the proper uniform, shoes, supplies and pay certain fees. These items total approximately $70 per child per year, which is about a month’s salary for members of Cristo Rey.

For those who cannot afford school, older children (ages 7-10) care for younger children when the parents are at work. Others work street jobs such as selling candy or washing car windows to add to the family income.

Families are given assistance based on need. We entered into this with the knowledge that this would be a long-term effort. Some of the children have finished primary education and gone onto college.

We collect donations until the end of December so the money can be wired in time for the children to be ready to start the school year in January. If interested in helping, your donation should be marked ‘Cristo Rey Education’ or ‘Cristo Rey Scholarships’. There are gift cards in the narthex for those who wish to make a donation in someone’s name as a gift.

—Kathi Berkley and Fred Swanson

El Salvador

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