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Funerals at Lake Edge are usually reserved for members and their families. However, we are open to serving our neighbors and community in any ways we can concerning the loss of a loved one. Our Pastors would be glad to talk about ways that our space could be made available to those who are grieving.

Funeral Planning Worksheet
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This worksheet is to make your wishes known to your pastor and your family. You may complete as much or as little of it as you desire. The first several pages are personal information, which may be used in an obituary or as a way to share more about who you are with the people planning your funeral. The last few pages allow you to share specific requests about the worship service. Once you are finished, please return this form to the church office where it will remain on file.

PathMemorial Garden
The LELC Memorial Garden was dedicated in fall of 2007 and is located on the northeast end of the church building beginning with a brick pathway starting at the parking lot.

The purpose of the garden is a place for ashes of deceased members of LELC and their immediate family members. The memorial brick pathway leads to three types of interment sites for human cremains: an above ground columbarium wall with niches, a patio area with in-ground sites, and a large below-ground common site at the center of the patio. A LELC pastor can conduct the interment ceremony or approve the memorial service for the interment of cremains.

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