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Justice & Earthcare

Focuses on advocacy for peace and justice issues including social justice on legislative issues.

Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality & Solidarity
MOSES is an interfaith, non-partisan organization that unites congregations, non-profit organizations and individuals to build a better community. We join together to take action on social justice public policy issues, especially mass incarceration in Wisconsin.

Focuses on education for conservation and preservation of the earth, information on responsible actions in regards to stewardship of creation, and suggestions for putting these ideas into action. This mission promotes many things such as Earth Day, recycling, growing food for food pantries, and environmental consciousness.

Lake Edge Lutheran Church Racial Justice Coalition
“Standing together to educate, advocate and take action against all forms of racism.”
Lake Edge Lutheran Church is committed to addressing issues of racial justice from a faith based perspective. LELC Racial Justice Coalition creates opportunities for education and dialogue on this topic.

LELC Racial Justice Coalition Blog
Our bolg is a  place for dialogue about Racial Justice issues, created for Lake Edge Lutheran Church members and friends. Please be respectful while sharing your viewpoints on this blog, all comments are moderated. Comments and political views shared on this page do not necessarily reflect the views of Lake Edge Lutheran Church, staff, or the ELCA.
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