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Local Outreach

Local Outreach is administered by two committees: Community Service Committee and Local Partnerships Committee.

Community Service:

Lake Edge Lutheran Church is responsible for delivering the noon meals on Sundays of odd months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. Each shift requires two volunteers; the time commitment (per shift) is 1.5 hours for the entire route (Route #5). Meals are picked up at the San Damiano Friary (4123 Monona Dr.) at 11:30 am. Volunteers need access to a vehicle for meal delivery. Often seniors and disabled people lack adequate nutrition because they are unable to shop or cook meals for themselves. Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver noontime meals to elderly and disabled individuals who live in Madison, Middleton, and Monona every day of the year. Many of these recipients live alone and benefit from the personal contact and safety check provided by Meals on Wheels volunteers.

The Knitters & Crocheters meet every Monday at 1:00 pm. This group began in the spring of 2004. We make Prayer Shawls and Chemo Caps for those who have had cancer treatments; Preemie Caps and Knit Blankets for distribution at our local hospitals; Baby Sweaters for Hope Lutheran Church in McFarland which are sent with their Baby Care Kits to LWR; and Hats, Mittens and Scarves for Frank Allis and Lindbergh School Children in Madison.

In the beginning years we knit/crocheted Bandage Coverings for Global Health Ministries and we also knit/crocheted Helmet Liners for our soldiers in Afghanistan.

The Lap Robes and Prayer Shawls are available for anyone to take home and give to a close friend, relative or neighbor. Stop by anytime in the library and select one to share.

Lake Edge Lutheran collects weekly for St. Stephen’s Food Pantry. Non-perishable food items are collected in baskets in the entrance area of the church. Monetary gifts are also welcome via LELC. As we shop for our families we are asked to remember to shop for the pantry.

Remember our Food Pantry families when you shop for your own family. Donations of food, personal items, paper products, baby food, and diapers are gratefully received. Monetary donations are also needed to supplement donated items.

All client requests are received on a Food Pantry private line. Clients may call (608) 441-1123 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 8:00—10:00 am. on the day they wish to shop at the Pantry. Clients may come to the Pantry every 14 days. The hours to shop remain the same from 11:00 am. until 1:30 pm. Monday through Thursday each week.

St. Stephen’s Food Pantry is a ‘choice’ pantry, which means that clients do their own shopping, selecting only the items they will use. Choice honors our clients’ dignity and eliminates the waste of unused items.

St. Stephen’s Food Pantry is at 5700 Pheasant Hill Rd., Monona. For more information, see their website at

LELC members ring bells for the Salvation Army each Christmas time when the Salvation Army receives the largest volume of their donations. For more information, see their website at

One shift can raise enough money to provide two nights of shelter and four meals. If you have any questions please contact Clara Christianson at

The Community Meal Program is an important part of LELC’s ministry. On the first Thursday of each month , Lake Edge Lutheran provides the menu and dines, as guests of Luke House. The menu for 175 men, women, and children entering the door is: baked chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, bread and butter, milk and desserts.

Luke House, located on Ingersoll Street, off Williamson Street on Madison’s near eastside provides dinner at 5:45 pm., Sunday through Thursday. Meals are provided and shared by faith communities throughout the Madison area, with a different menu from each community. The Director, Mr. Paul Ashe, encourages community participation and welcomes all to come and dine. For more information, see their website

LELC members gather items for donation to Zion Lutheran Personal Essentials Pantry. Donationed items can be placed in the box in the LELC upstairs coat room. Check with the office to make a cash donation.

Items needed: Baby wipes, lip balm, baby powder, toothbrushes, baby shampoo, toothpaste, baby lotion, soap, diapers/pull-ups, toilet paper, diaper rash ointment, paper towels, nail clippers, garbage bags, conditioner (15 ounce), dishwashing detergent, shaving cream, all-purpose cleaner & cleanser, hand/skit lotion (8 ounces), deodorant, laundry detergent (36 load), sanitary napkins, razors, facial tissue, combs, hair picks, brushes, plastic wrap, dental floss, aluminum foil, band-aids.

Lake Edge Lutheran provides staffing, food, and support for The Road Home.

The Road Home Dane County is committed to developing long-term relationships with homeless families with children that can change lives. They work with families, not only to relieve the immediate crisis of homelessness, but also to build skills, resources and relationships that set the stage for long-term success.

Each family works closely with a professional case manager to secure housing, employment and other resources such as childcare, health/mental health care, and children’s educational and recreational programs. Adults in shelter attend workshops taught by parenting and mental health educators. Families who have moved from shelter into housing work with The Road Home through the Housing Stabilization program, Second Chance Apartment Project, Stoughton Second Chance, Second Chance Leasing, House-ability, Rapid Rehousing, and Housing & Hope programs to maintain the achievements they’ve already reached and to continue their steps toward a successful

Schenk Nutrition ProgramHungry children don’t make good decisions.

LELC has partnered with four neighboring churches to provide weekend snack bags for children at Schenk Elementary School who are on the free and reduced lunch program. We use a healthy menu that has been approved by a nutritionist and a social worker. We pantry and pack our groceries at Lakeview Moravian Community Church across from Schenk Elementary School. Our volunteers shop for the food on Wednesdays, pack the food on Thursdays and deliver the food to the children on Fridays. The food is placed in their lockers. Hy-Vee has been a strong partner in our mission. The time commitment is approximately one hour for each activity (Shop, Pack, Deliver). LELC is responsible for eight weeks out of the school year. For info or to volunteer contact Chris Maloney at 608-222-8519 or Lil Genskow at 608-332-8339

Local Partnerships:

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is one of the largest Christian denominations in the United States, with about 4 million members in nearly 10,000 congregations across the United States, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

We are the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. For us, as the ELCA, this faith comes through the good news of Jesus Christ and gives us the freedom and the courage to wonder, discover and boldly participate in what God is up to in the world.

We are a church that is always being made new, and at the same time, is deeply rooted in Scripture, Lutheran theology and Lutheran confessions. We are also rooted in the vibrant, diverse communities and rich histories of our congregations. It’s through these roots that the Holy Spirit guides and nourishes us so that we can be a church that is both resilient and always new.

We welcome you to join this community of faith — the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America — regardless of your age, race, gender, life experience, complexities and questions. You have a unique story that can only add to the richness of the larger story that makes up the ELCA. There is a place for you here!

As 140+ local Lutheran congregations and worshipping communities, organized as a regional synod, we are the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace. For us as the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, this faith comes through the good news of Jesus Christ and gives us the freedom and the courage to wonder, discover and boldly participate in what God is up to in the world. Liberated by our faith, we embrace you as a whole person – questions, complexities and all.

As people of the ELCA, we believe that we are freed in Christ to serve and love our neighbor. With our hands, we do God’s work of restoring and reconciling communities in Jesus Christ’s name throughout the world.

The ELCA is one of the largest Christian denominations in the United States, with more than 3.8 million members in nearly 10,000 congregations across the 50 states and in the Caribbean region. Known as the church of "God's work. Our hands," the ELCA emphasizes the saving grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, unity among Christians and service in the world. The ELCA's roots are in the writings of the German church reformer, Martin Luther.

Dedicated to representing God’s love through programs and services that help people in need, Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan traces origin to 1882 when Pastor E.J. Home opened a home for orphaned children in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. Now, our services extend across Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, helping people all along the lifespan with services as essential as housing and life-changing as adoption.

We change lives in many different ways: with a meal for someone who hasn’t eaten lately; a course of treatment for someone struggling with addiction; or a comprehensive set of services for an individual, family or community.

Affiliated with congregations of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, LSS welcomes and serves people of all faiths and backgrounds. We thank the ELCA churches that support our ministry of social service; we’re also grateful to the United Way, county and state governments, corporations, foundations and thousands of caring individuals.

MAJMLELC provides funding that supports a men’s and a women’s chaplain for the Dane County Jail. Funded through MAJM (Madison Area Jail Ministry), Chaplains bring spiritual and personal support to Dane County inmates. Aside from annual contribution to the Jail Ministry by LELC, our own member, Carol Anderson, is the coordinator for their yearly fundraiser.

Jail Ministry Wish List helps both men and women prisoners in the Dane County Jail and many items can be purchased at the Dollar Store. Items are: Large-Print Bibles; King James Version Bibles; Study Bibles; Christian Fiction (All donations must be paperback or softcover); Reading Glasses (New or used in all strengths); Sympathy Cards; Metro Transit Bus Passes (Used for transportation on release from jail). Please place donations in the Jail Ministry basket across from the bulletin board in the church narthex. For more information, go to

Lake Edge Lutheran supports Madison Area Urban Ministry (MUM). As Pilgrim United Church of Christ was preparing to close their doors as a congregation, they imagined a community presence that would continue to minister to the near east side of Madison. Out of this venture came the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center (housed in the old Pilgrim UCC Church) and Madison-area Urban Ministry.

Since 1971 MUM has evolved into an interfaith social justice organization that has spurred social change in and around Dane County. MUM’s staff and board understand their mission to be “a prophetic voice for justice, neighbors working together for social change.”

MUM has always served as an incubator for innovative ideas and new projects. Since 1973 they have incubated some of the most creative, significant programs in terms of community building in Dane County. Among those projects, Family Enhancement, Project Home, Transitional Housing, the Madison Community Health Center, the Allied Wellness Center, the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice of So. WI, Voices Beyond Bars, and most of the County’s Older Adult Coalitions. We currently serve as the incubator and fiscal agent for the Street Pulse Newspapers, Allied Partners and the Allied-Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association.

Their advocacy has included: leading the successful effort to end profiteering from jail services contracts at the county level; working for a just and equitable city, county, and state budget, working for criminal justice system reforms, including serving on the Dane County Racial Disparities Task Force and the Dane County Implementation Team. Our Greater Isthmus Group (GIG) engages people of faith to address the issues of homelessness and access to fair and affordable housing.

MUM’s 'Just Bakery' is a vocational and employment training program specifically designed to meet the needs of men and women returning to the community after incarceration. LELC offers the delicious products for sale from the Just Bakery program on the third Sunday of each month.

Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality & Solidarity MOSES is an interfaith, non-partisan organization that unites congregations, non-profit organizations and individuals to build a better community. We join together to take action on social justice public policy issues, especially mass incarceration in Wisconsin.

Triangle Community Ministry, (TCM), is a ‘Church Without Walls’ which serves residents in the Triangle area of Madison. (The Triangle includes the area that is bounded by W. Washington on the south, the east side of Park St. on the west, and Regent St. on the north. It includes the Parkside Apartments, Brittingham Apartments, Gay Braxton Apartments, and Karabis Apartments.) TCM has a board of directors that meets monthly and works for the benefit of those living in the area. With the guidance of Chaplain Charles Granger, their mission is to help residents have a higher quality of life and make the living environment safe and comfortable for them as well.

Some services offered at the Triangle include driving people to shop, Bible study groups, events and activities for the residents and others as well. Once a year an ice cream social is held at the Ethnic Fest in August. TCM has a parish nurse, Kate Pender, who makes a tremendous difference in the lives of people with mental illness, as well as other disabilities.

TCM has different funding sources including donations from churches of different denominations. The board uses the funding to help pay several professional positions as well as other items on our agenda. Volunteers are necessary to help the residents of the Triangle. If you would like to volunteer in any way, call 257-8517 about taking the time to volunteer to help others.

The people living in the Triangle have their own needs and their own problems. The Board assists residents. The TCM is taking on much of the load to help this neighborhood, which is working to improve its quality of living.

Most importantly, TCM is helping people find their spirituality and in many cases, developing their faith. There is a long way to go, but TCM is on the right path towards bettering the Triangle area. It is a process that is taking time, but with time, people’s lives are hopefully enriched. The Lord works in mysterious ways. TCM may not be mysterious, but it does have ways of making things better for the people they serve.

At LELC we support the Wisconsin Council of Churches (WCC), a community of Christian denominations that covenant to engage in a common ministry focused on church unity, peacemaking, social and economic justice for Wisconsin’s most vulnerable residents, and revitalizing congregations. The Council encompasses 19 denominations with approximately 2,000 congregations and over one million church members. Join with us as we pray and work together for the unity and renewal of the church and the healing and reconciliation of the world.

Since 1971 MUM has evolved into an interfaith social justice organization that has spurred social change in and around Dane County. MUM’s staff and board understand their mission to be “a prophetic voice for justice, neighbors working together for social change.”

Local Outreach

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