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Membership Support

This portion of our mission is responsible for developing plans to contact members that are inactive, sick, homebound or who’s participation in the congregational life is decreasing and to provide for direct support of members in need.

Meals are provided by our congregation to families when needs arise. Our “Care Team” is a sub-group of Membership Support Committee. The Care Team visits members who have difficulty making it to worship. There are presently eight members who make contact with home bound members with phone calls, visits, and bring communion if it is desired. In May we plan to host a Spring Fling with lunch, a program and communion for our over 80 members. We have invited members from Christ the Solid Rock and will do so again.

This area of ministry is responsible for developing plans to reach out to non-members, respond to anyone interested in membership, and incorporate new members into the congregation.

Sunday mornings are the perfect place to begin reaching out to visitors attending worship. Follow-up correspondence is sent to visitors who leave contact information on the Friendship Pads and indicate they would like further information, a connection with our congregation or contact from our pastors. The Membership Support Mission makes contact with our visitors who indicate an interest in becoming members at Lake Edge. An opportunity to learn more about our congregation is offered for those interested in membership at Lake Edge. This opportunity is a series held on three consecutive Sundays and includes learning, sharing and fellowship assisted by our pastors, mission members, and other member guests.

This area of ministry is responsible for organizing and supporting family and Group programs.

Families blessed with a new baby receive special gifts. A hat, knitted by our knitters, a toy, and “dinner out” gift certificate are gifts to welcome the new baby.

Children participating in worship at Lake Edge are periodically sent a post card with messages thanking them for contributing to our worship service.

A Grief Group is offered to individuals who have lost a loved one, or suffered grief in some way in their lives.

Families with Young Children: This Group was formed by parents of young children who desired time together as Lake Edge families and is supported by the Membership mission.

Membership Support

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