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Memorial Garden

PathThe LELC Memorial Garden was dedicated in fall of 2007 and is located on the northeast end of the church building beginning with a brick pathway starting at the parking lot.

The purpose of the garden is a place for ashes of deceased members of LELC and their immediate family members. The memorial brick pathway leads to three types of interment sites for human cremains: an above ground columbarium wall with niches, a patio area with in-ground sites, and a large below-ground common site at the center of the patio. A LELC pastor can conduct the interment ceremony or approve the memorial service for the interment of cremains.

As we walk the Memorial Garden path we see the names of loved ones who have gone before us engraved on the brick pathway. The Memorial Garden is a quiet place where one can sit on wooden benches and quietly reflect while listening to the sound of the water. The garden’s plantings and water invite a variety of song birds to keep you company as you take in the beauty of the reverent place.

WaterfallThe Memorial Garden design promotes the sustainability of God’s good Earth, reminding us of the reality of death, and proclaims God’s Gospel promise of new life.

For further information contact Lake Edge Lutheran Church office at (608) 222-7339 or visit A pastor, office manager, or member of the Memorial Garden Committee can answer your questions or assist you with the application process.

Click here to download a copy of the Memorial Garden brochure.
Click here for an Application for Internment.
     (Above Ground Columbarium Niche; Below Ground Patio Sites; Below Ground Community)
Click here for Purchase of Right of Internment Form.
     (Above Ground Columbarium Niche; Below Ground Patio Sites; Below Ground Community)
Click here for an Application to Purchase a Memorial Brick.

Above Ground Columbarium
Niches for Contained Cremains
The columbarium is an above ground structure with niches for the interment of human cremains. Each niche is covered with a granite front that will be engraved with the name, date of birth, and death. Only contained cremains may be placed in the columbarium niches. The Memorial Garden committee will provide the urns for these cremains. One niche may house one or two urns containing the cremains of eligible persons. The Memorial Garden committee will provide the engraving of the granite front as a part of the fee.

Below Ground Patio Sites for Contained Cremains
The memorial garden patio area covers below ground sites for the interment of human cremains of eligible persons. Each site is covered with a stone that can be engraved with the name, date of birth, and death of the deceased. The Memorial Garden Committee provides either urns or biodegradable bags for the cremains. The Memorial Garden committee will provide the engraving of the stone as a part of the fee.

Below Ground Community
Interment Site at the Center of the Patio of Uncontained Cremains
Below Ground Patio & CommunityThis is a community site where the uncontained cremains of eligible persons will be interred in common. This is a large site which is located in the center of the patio. There will be no engraving of names. The names of persons interred in the community site will be available in the church. The cremains are not in any container.

Memorial Bricks
The Memorial Garden pathway from the parking lot to the patio is paved with bricks that may be engraved as a memorial to loved ones interred here or elsewhere. Each brick will be engraved only with the name of the person memorialized. The bricks will be placed in a location of your choosing. You may order the bricks using a form provided by the LELC church office or online at

You may also choose to make a gift to the Memorial Garden Committee made as memorials to loved ones to furnish the garden with specific items. Please speak with the church office at (608) 222-7339 if you wish to make a specific gift. The office staff will direct you to a Memorial Garden Committee member. Gifts are also used to help with ongoing expenses of maintaining the Memorial Garden.


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