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07-14-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

07-07-2019  Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

06-30-2019  Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     Third Sunday After Pentecost

06-16-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     Holy Trinity Sunday 

05-26-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
    Sermon Bible Text John 5:1-9
    6th Sunday of Easter

05-12-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     4th Sunday of Easter
     The Original Mothers' Day Proclamation

04-28-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     2nd Sunday of Easter

04-21-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     Easter Sunday

04-14-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     Sunday of Palms/Sunday of Passion

04-07-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     5th Sunday in Lent

03-31-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     4th Sunday in Lent

03-24-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     3rd Sunday in Lent

03-17-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     2nd Sunday in Lent

03-10-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
     1st Sunday in Lent

02-24-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
      7th Sunday After Epiphany

02-17-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
      6th Sunday After Epiphany

1-27-2019: Pastor Katya Ouchakof
      3rd Sunday After Epiphany

1-20-2019: Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
      2nd Sunday After Epiphany

1-13-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
      Baptism of Our Lord

1-6-2019 Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
      Epiphany of Our Lord

12-24-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof
      Christmas Eve

12-23-2018 Interim Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
      4th Sunday of Advent

12--02-2018 Interim Pastor Mae Jean Zelle
      1sr Sunday of Advent

11-04-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, All Saints Sunday

10-14-2018 Samantha Lee, Interim Youth Coordinator
     21st Sunday after Pentecost
     "Agape Love"

10-07-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, 20th Sunday After Pentecost

09-02-2018 Pastor Stephen Marsh, 15th Sunday After Pentecost
     "Sanctified Work"

08-19-2018 Pastor Stephen Marsh, 13th Sunday After Pentecost
     "Taking a Great Big Bite Out of Jesus"

08-05-2018 Pastor Stephen Marsh, 11th Sunday After Pentecost
     "Wrestling in the Wildreness"

07-29-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, 10th Sunday After Pentecost

07-22-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, 9th Sunday After Pentecost

07-15-2018 Pastor Stephen Marsh, 8th Sunday After Pentecost

07-01-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, Sixth Sunday After Pentecost

06-24-2018 Pastor Stephen Marsh, Fifth Sunday After Pentecost
    "Are You Sure You Want the Answer?"

06-17-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

06-10-2018 Stephen Marsh, Third Sunday After Pentecost
    "Being Divided Against Yourself"

06-03-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, Second Sunday After Pentecost

05-27-2018 Pastor Stephen Marsh, Holy Trinity
     "Living The Truth of a Double Life"

05-20-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, Pentecost Sunday
    "Spirit Movement"

05-06-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, Sixth Sunday of Easter

04-22-2018 Pastor Katya Ouchakof, Fourth Sunday of Easter

04-15-2018 Pastor Stephen Marsh, Third Sunday of Easter
     "Jesus Keeps Hanging Around"

04-08-2018 Chuck Larson, Second Sunday of Easter

04-01-2018 Katya Ouchakof, Easter Sunday

03-29-2018 Stephen Marsh, Maundy Thursday
     "Knowing When the Time Has Come"

03-35-2018 Katya Ouchakof, Palm Sunday, Sunday of the Passion

03-18-2018 Stephen Marsh, Fifth Sunday in Lent
    "Carriers of the Covenant"

03-11-2018 Katya Ouchakof, Fourth Sunday in Lent

03-08-2018 Casey Sweeney, Thursday Lent Worship

02-25-2018 Stephen Marsh, Second Sunday in Lent
   "All My Children"

02-18-2018 Katya Ouchakof, First Sunday in Lent

02-11-2018 Stephen Marsh,The Transfiguration of Our Lord
   "Catching a Glimpse of God's Glory"

02-14-2018 Katya Ouchakof, Ash Wednesday

01-21-2018 Katya Ouchakof, Third Sunday After Epiphany

01-14-2018 Katya Ouchakof, Second Sunday After Epiphany

01-07-2018 Stephen Marsh, Epiphany of Our Lord
   "The Reasons Why We Sing"

12-31-2017 Katya Ouchakof, First Sunday of Christmas

12-10-2017 Katya Ouchakof, Christmas Eve

12/03/2017 Katya Ouchakof, 1st Sunday of Advent

11/26/2017 Stephen Marsh, Reign of Christ
   "Headlights for Our Hearts"

11/12/2017 Katya Ouchakof, 23rd Sunday After Pentecost

10/15/2017 Katya Ouchakof, 19th Sunday After Pentecost

10/08/2017 Katya Ouchakof, 18th Sunday After Pentecost

09/24/2017 Katya Ouchakof, 16th Sunday After Pentecost
   "Showing Up"

09/03/2017 Stephen Marsh, 13th Sunday After Pentecost
   "Living a Prophetic Life"

08/27/17 Katya Ouchakof, 12th Sunday After Pentecost

08/20/2017 Katya Ouchakof, 11th Sunday After Pentecost
   "Words Matter"

07/16/2017 Stephen Marsh, 6th Sunday After Pentecost
   "If God Were Silent"

07/09/2017 Katya Ouchakof, 5th Sunday After Pentecost

07/02/2017 Stephen Marsh, 4th Sunday After Pentecost
   "The Unbinding of Abraham"

06/25/2017 Katya Ouchakof, 3rd Sunday After Pentecost

06/18/2017 Stephen Marsh, 2nd Sunday After Pentecost,
   "The Stess of Being Special"

06/04/2017 Katya Ouchakof, Day of Pentecost

05/28/2017 Cherie Godar, Seventh Sunday of Easter,
   "The Transformative Power of Waiting"

05/21/2017 Stephen Marsh, "Faith in a Foreign Land"

05/14/2017 Stephen Marsh, "When the Answer is 'No'"

05/07/2017 Katya Ouchakof, Fourth Sunday of Easter

04/23/2017 Christa Fisher, Second Sunday of Easter,
   "Experiencing the Wounds of Christ"

04/16/2016 Katya Ouchakof, Easter Sunday, "Get Woke"

04/09/2017 Stephen Marsh, "Life in a Key of Praise"
   Ordination of Christa Fisher

04/13/2017 Katya Ouchakof, Maundy Thursday

04/09/2017 Stephen Marsh, An Imitation of Life, Palm Sunday

04/02/2017 Katya Ouchakof, Fifth Sunday in Lent

03/19/2017 Katya Ouchakof, Third Sunday in Lent

03/12/2017 Christa Fisher, Second Sunday in Lent, Grace

03/01/2017 Christa Fisher, Ash Wednesday, A Fast From Injustice

02/26/2017 Stephen Marsh, Listening to Jesus

02/19/2017 Katya Ouchakoff, Eiphany 7A

02/12/2017 Stephen Marsh, The Absence of Jesus

02/05/2017 Christa Fisher, A Divine Love Story

01/29/2017 Katya Ouchakof, Epiphany 4A

01/22/2017 Katya Ouchakof, Epiphany 3A

01/15/2017 Stephen Marsh, Can I Get a Witness?

01/08/2017 Katya Ouchakof, Epiphany Day

01/01/2017 Stephen Marsh, What is in a Name?

12/25/2016 Katya Ouchakof, Christmas Day

12/24/2016 Stephen Marsh, Christmas Eve, "The Peace Child"

12/18/2016 Katya Ouchakof, 2nd Sunday of Advent,
   "Game of Thrones, Jesus, and the Syrian Civil War"

11/27/2016 Christa Fisher, Intern; 1st Sunday of Advent, Keep Awake

11/20/2016 Stephen Marsh, Reign of Christ Sunday, Nevertheless

11/13/2016 Katya Ouchakof, 26th Sunday After Pentecost, Speaking Truth

11/06/2016 Stephen Marsh, How Would Jesus Vote?

10/30/2016 Katya Ouchakof, Reformation Sunday

10/23/2016 Christa Fisher, Intern, Those Who Repent Will Be Exalted

, Stephen Marsh, Struggle Is As Struggle Does,

10/09/2016, Katya Ouchakof, 21st Sunday After Pentecost

10/02/2016 Stephen Marsh, Size Doesn't Matter

09/25/2016 Katya Ouchakof, 19th Sunday After Pentecost

09/18/2016 Stephen Marsh, Being a Shrewd Saint

09/11/2016 Katya Ouchakof, 17th Sunday After Pentecost

09/04/2016 Stephen Marsh, Using Our Christian Imaginations

08/28/2016 Chuck Larson, 15th Sunday After Pentecost
   (Manuscript not available)

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